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Replace Your Car's AC Thermal Expansion Valve or Orifice Tube

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Replace Your Car's AC Thermal Expansion Valve or Orifice Tube

Your car or truck's AC system is under extreme pressure and the thermal expansion valve or orifice tube monitors the amount of pressure and the temperature of your A/C system. It calculates the precise amount of refrigerant that can safely go into the evaporator. A failing expansion valve or orifice tube often causes a vehicle's air conditioner to blow hot air.

Replace or Repair

  • Expansion Valves: Too much refrigerant causes your evaporator to get too cold whereas too little refrigerant would result in inadequate cooling. The expansion valve is a complex valve that regulates refrigerant flow. This process of metering the refrigerant adjusts the flow according to the temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator coil. Talk to one of the pro mechanics at 4th Street Auto & Tire, as this part can be replaced on its own and does not require the entire replacement of the AC assembly.
  • Orifice Tubes: Unlike the expansion valve, the orifice tube is a simple fixed device with no moving parts. It therefore cannot vary the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator, but rather causes a permanent restriction in the system. However, like the expansion valve the orifice tube regulates refrigerant flow through the system and filters debris which may come through in its screen. Often fixing a "bad orifice tube" requires replacing the entire evaporator assembly.

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What People Say About Us

  • reviewicon
    , 01/19/2022

    Good work and attitude I recommend it. Thanks art!

  • reviewicon
    , 01/05/2022

    Excellent service. Professional and friendly.

  • reviewicon
    , 01/04/2022

    Professional and good.

  • reviewicon
    , 12/31/2021

    Jake took my order for a routine maintenance on a Prius, then called me to advise that the brakes needed work and tires were bald. I appreciate that they realize how important it is to have a well-maintained car on the road. I commute back and forth from the Bay Area and calling for roadside maintenance in the dark on I-5 is one of my worst dreads, not to mention having the brakes go out on 405/710!

  • reviewicon
    , 12/28/2021

    I highly recommend 4th Street Auto & Tire. Excellent customer service and prices. I had to change 4 tires because they had nails, and Jake found out that the tires were way bigger. He was very informative and transparent. They have a great team.

  • reviewicon
    , 12/24/2021

    Thank you Jake and the man who helped my tire today. Truly appreciate your business, I've gone here several times and it is always easy and helpful. Wish you all a nice holiday.

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